- R. Miotto E. -


Imagine being born in the 1600s, with absolutely nothing to your name, no family, no home, in a land recently invaded by cruel foreigners who'd successfully enslaved your people. What if on top of that you discovered that in your veins ran gold; real, liquid gold. What would you do?


Sashien, while fighting for survival, managed to build her own little empire. 


Daughter of a Portuguese Slave Master and a runaway slave, Sashien was hunted for her blood and trained for survival. 

She'd been taught all her life that bad men would try to harvest the liquid gold running inside her, and kept in isolation to protect her from the greed of the outside world.


It took the loss of her family for her to realize that it was not merely a man who was hunting her. Exu, the African god of mystery, magic, and transformation coveted not only her golden blood, but the magic she didn't know was bound to it.


In order to trust the people fighting next to her, Sashien must embrace her past. In order to discover the true power of her golden blood, she must stay a step ahead of Exu and his underlings.



R. Miotto E.

"The impossible is inside us! I, at least, choose to believe so. The hard part is figuring out how to let it out." 



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